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BigWorld Technology Nominated for Developer Awards: Best Engine Category

Thursday, May 31st, 2012, posted by Kris

from the awards season desk

Every July, the Developer Industry Excellence Awards honors excellence and innovation in the gaming industry.

They recently released all of the categories and nominees for this year’s awards.

BigWorld Client has been nominated in the “Best Engine” category. Other nominees include Crytek’s CryEngine, Unity 3.5,  and Unreal Engine, among others.

Not only was our client nominated, but the BigWorld-Powered MMO World of Tanks has been put up for the “Best Use of Online” award. Not bad for a game that just celebrated its one-year anniversary.

The entire list of nominees can be seen here.

New Heroes in BigWorld-Powered Realm of the Titans

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Titans desk

BigWorld-Powered Realm of the Titans just released a patch to their game that adds 14 new heroes.

These heroes consist of mythical creatures (Anubis, Phoenix), altered animals (Sealed Beast, WuShu Panda), and plenty of additional original characters.

Be sure to check out their forums to join in on the discussion of these new heroes.


BigWorld Latin America Tour 2012: The Summary

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the whirlwind desk

BigWorld visited Brazil, Argentina and Chile this May, and had the opportunity to meet some of the leading game developers in Latin America, both at our events, and at development studios.

On our tour we were exposed to a wide array of project types from a huge variety of groups, studios, partnerships, and accretions. Many thanks go out to Abragames Brazil, ADVA Argentina, IGDA Chile, and the many folks who so graciously carted us from point to point.

Here are a couple photos…

photo (9)

BigWorld Sao Paulo

photo (10)

BigWorld Argentina: Objeto A Gallery matched our logo colors :)

photo (11)

Lujan & Susana, mother & daughter, part of the family-run Objeto A Gallery taht hosted BigWorld on its visit to Argentina

BigWorld, Jagex, NGD, Vostu, etc., Buenos Aires

BigWorld, Jagex, NGD, Vostu, etc., Buenos Aires


BigWorld Santiago Crew

Secret Kingdoms Online Trailer… yes, that’s a cheeseburger shield

Monday, May 28th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the secret desk

Globex Studios recently released a new trailer for their upcoming BigWorld-Powered MMO Secret Kingdoms Online.

Secret Kingdoms Online is a free-to-play MMO that focuses strongly on collecting and evolving mounts (robots, animals, etc.). The title is in development by Globex Studios and is being built on BigWorld Technology. The expanding team that’s working on this title include Jason Bell, former managing director of Asheron’s Call at Turbine, and Troy Dunniway previously from EA/Westwood.

BigWorld-Powered “Project Copernicus” Reveal Video

Thursday, May 24th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Amalur desk

38 Studios‘ followup to the recent RPG Kingdoms of Amalur, the elusive “Project Copernicus”, is an upcoming MMO being developed on BigWorld Technology.

They recently released a reveal video for the game, showing the environments and atmosphere of the game world.

New Event in BigWorld-Powered Realm of the Titans

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Titans desk

BigWorld-Powered Realm of the Titans recently started an exciting new event.

They are looking for a wave of eager players, with the special “Battle for Aeria” event going on.

Starting May 9th, players are invited to play and compete for “Ultimate Titan” status, as well as “amazing AP prizes.”

Getting started is as simple as downloading the client and creating an account.

The official announcement can be seen here.


World of Tanks on Consoles?

Friday, May 18th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Wargaming desk

A recent article from The Verge brings up the possibility of a console port of BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks.

“VP of global operations Andrei Yarantsau acknowledged the possibility of the series coming to console but emphasized the popularity of online-only titles means the company first aims to improve the technical aspects of its series.”

It seems that although sometime in the distant future the game could see the light of day on consoles, it won’t be until the game has reached optimal gameplay on the PC.

“We first want to improve the current gameplay before seriously thinking about bringing the title to a console.”