BigWorld-Powered World of Warplanes Announces “Heavy Fighter”

from the Warplanes desk

A teaser video was recently released showing the all-new Heavy Fighter class in BigWorld-Powered MMO World of Warplanes. This class will be great at a number of unique abilities.

First off is interception between planes. Although it’s a huge hunk of metal, the Heavy Fighter will be ideal for intercepting between planes while in the air, adding a tactical advantage to movement strategies.

The Heavy Fighter class also benefits heavily from head-on attacks. When you come across an enemy dead ahead, this class will tear them apart with its focus on head-on warfare abilities.

Bombing skills will also be a big factor of this class. The Heavy Fighters will be crucial in destroying bases as well as battleships with these powerful bombs.

The teaser video for this aptly named “Ultimate Predator” can be viewed below.

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