BigWorld Interview with Trip Hawkins

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Gamasutra wrote an article about BigWorld’s  interview with Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins.

The interview delves into developer publishing on mobile and social media gaming platforms. Specifically, how players get there game to be seen in these flooded markets.

“…if you have a million apps in an app store, just because your app is in an app store, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be discovered…So you’ve got issues about how you’re going to bring traffic to it.”

Hawkins brings up that the more traditional way of publishing games at retail was more ideal.

“Retailers in the old days not only solved the distribution problem, they solved the discovery problem.”

He claims that retailers were there to aid consumers in discovering games they might have never heard of, whereas in these new markets the consumer is overwhelmed with options.

“In the very beginning with iPhone, with Android, with Facebook, they also solved the discovery problem because there wasn’t much there. As you got up into the thousands and thousands of things that are there, they’re no longer solving the discovery problem.”

This commentary on the discovery problem is Hawkins’ reasoning as to why game developers still need a publisher to get their game out there. Although developers can put their game into this vast marketplace themselves, they need someone there to help make it stand out.

The interview in its entirety can be viewed below.

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