La Gargantua…Back From the Dead?

from the coincidence(?) desk

In’s TV News Block #11 video, they bring up the idea of adding an uber-sized tank to the game. This tank, the aptly named “Ratte”, uses its long-range guns at full capacity by shooting shells that transcend servers. That’s right, you shoot at one tank in front of you, and the shot rips through servers, destroying another tank entirely.

This whole idea of a colossal-sized tank reminds us of our post last year on “La Gargantua”, yet another behemoth that crushed anything in its way. This mountain of a tank “sports a long-range impulse rail turret, mine-laying capabilities, and a host of other yet-to-be-revealed functions.” Maybe one of those yet-to-be-revealed functions was the cross-server warfare discussed in the TV News Block?

Check out’s video and our screencap of “La Gargantua” below to see for yourself.

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