Warren Spector to visit Game Masters Exhibition

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Warren Spector has just joined the ever-increasing list of prolific game developers to appear at the BigWorld-Sponsored Game Masters Melbourne exhibition being put on by The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

The creator of Deux Ex, System Shock, and Epic Mickey will share the stage with contemporaries Peter Molyneux  and Tim Schafer to discuss the gaming industry and their contributions to it.

In an exclusive interview, Spector brings up what Role-Playing games should truly be and his views on modern RPGs.

“The fact that today Role-Playing is defined by ‘I have seventeen 80th level characters’…that’s pathetic.”

He doesn’t see Role-Playing as a measurement of class and skill levels, but instead an immersive game-space that makes you feel you are truly living in this world.

“Role-Playing should be about, I don’t know, playing a role, maybe? It’s not about rolling dice, it’s not about what level I am, it’s not about my character class.”

This ideal of game-play is very evident in his games Deus Ex and Thief, which drive the player to become a prevalent part of the world they are playing in.

BigWorld is happy to sponsor this event featuring such inventive game developers like Warren Spector, with a full list of guests here.

The interview discussed can be seen below.

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