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In an interview (it’s in German) with indie developer Peter Mourlas on, they discuss his indie MMO Negaia.

When asked about the engine used to power the MMO, Peter brings up that after a few failed attempts at using other engine technology, they finally turned to BigWorld to  make his game. After such a good initial impression of the BigWorld platform, they were happy to have finally found an engine that could put their dream to life.

“I initially used Realm Crafter. This engine is absolutely not recommended, it is more of a kit than a real engine. BigWorld made ​​at the beginning a really great impression.”

Negaia will have deep social elements embedded into the gameplay, such as intricate housing, trading, and economic systems. When asked how these components will fit into the end-game, this is what Peter had to say.

“There is no endgame, since one end is not available – the focus is not in the military, but a player individually by its possession of property, facilities, money. And you can lose in the PVP world quite quickly. As the war drags on in the world, instead of constantly killing each other, you’ll burn down houses and their inventory.”

Negaia has some unique things going for it, and we’re happy to have it under the BigWorld Indie license.


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  1. Hello Guys,

    first – THANKS – THANKS – THANKS – for the article.

    I’m the dev-leader of Negaia and my name is Peter Mourlas – Nickname: Terrestria ;-)

    If somebody has questions about Negaia, then he can contact me via eMail:

    With best regards
    Peter Mourlas

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