Wargaming.net Universal Game Platform

from the E3 desk

Wargaming.net just recently released a video (seen below) revealing their plans to build a universal platform for all of their games. This puts the BigWorld-Powered  World of Tanks, Warplanes, and Battleships trilogy all under the same universal roof.

Wargaming is revamping their web layout, combining the three previous “World of” websites into one central place – Wargaming.net. From this central hub, you will be able to launch any of their three games, as well as view the respective websites and forums dedicated to them.

What makes this so universal is that all you will need is one Wargaming.net account to access all of these features. With this single account, all of the data and information of your in-game personas will be kept under a single roof. Instead of there being separate accounts for when you want to battle by land, air, or sea, there will just be one that handles all of them.

Another important aspect of this is that the game economics will also be unified across one account. Whereas usually you’d have to obtain gold and resources for each game individually from the start, under this system the currency can be transferred between games with ease. Once World of Warplanes and Battleships are released, you won’t have to start farming again right at the start. Instead, you can transfer over some of your World of Tanks gold to start off the game with a bit of money under the belt. In an interview from GDC this year, Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi delved into this — specifically how it will take place in clan wars. The video can be seen below, under the Wargaming announcement.

This strategy of a linked account has been used to an extent in the past with Blizzard’s battle.net overarching between games, but Wargaming’s take on it seems even more unified. Instead of each game feeling like separate programs, they will seem to be one single gaming platform. All you have to do is pick which vehicle to fight with.

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