World of Tanks 7.4 Update – Two New Game Modes

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BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks sent out a press release regarding the strategy-focused 7.4 update. Gamasutra had exclusive information regarding this update.

A huge addition to the game will be two entirely new game modes. The mode, Encounter Battle mode, puts two sides against each other fighting for one base. This will lead to a constant shift of offensive and defensive strategies, depending on which team is closer to capturing the base. One minute you and your pals are steamrolling everything in your path, making the way to the base, but right as you’re about to capture it the enemies show up, leading you to shift up strategies of how you’ll overtake this site.

Assault Mode is the other game mode being added.  Unlike the Encounter Battle mode, Assault places the players in roles of attackers and defenders right from the start, with the attackers having superior combat abilities on their side. The added combat power will make the defending side have to develop complex strategies to win. Similar to an American football game, each player will have to fill in certain defensive positions and follow through to stop the impending doom coming upon them.

Both of these game modes will add quite a bit of deep strategy to the game, which is exactly what is going for with this update. In the next blog post we’ll delve into some other features being added.


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