BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu – Constructor Talents Preview: Part 1

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On BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu’s official website, they’ve posted a preview look at the Constructor talents that will be used in the game for big game-play features like player housing.

Malu is a sandbox MMO, and the team is pushing for player created content, and this small set of skills gives us a taste of what is to come. Since the abilities can be delved into fairly deeply, this will be split into two posts – this one covers the first half of the talents released.

The foundation of all the crafting and construction in Origins of Malu begins with the “Replication” ability. This is based around the enemies dropping “replicator” items, which can be combined with crafting materials to create, well, whatever you please.

“Replicators convert the matter and energy of your collected materials into various objects for use throughout Malu. This converted material could then be used for anything from a wall for a house, to the very weapon you wield in your hand. As with any talent, the more you invest in it the greater the return will be. There are many ways to improve the materials that are being created. What you choose to do with the power of the Ancients is up to you.”

The specific skill “Outpost” is one that a Constructor can use to create a guild outposts.

“The outposts will increase visibility and range of detection for enemies and hostile factions. The more points invested into the Outpost skill will increase the visibility and range of your detection radius.”

Sky Building is another component of construction, enabling players to craft objects in the sky to aid them as they go through this world. It looks like you won’t be doing any Sky Building right off the bat though, as it will be a very difficult talent to master, with your ability directly relating to the object output.

“If you were to build a weak structure and have too many friends on it…well let’s just say it’s an easy way to catch a quick dirt nap.”

Let’s hope that if you were to ever come to this fate, you wouldn’t be in one of the perma-death zones in the game. Talk about an embarrassing way for your 100+ hour character to die!

No need to worry though, you just have to max out the “Reinforcement” ability in order to strengthen your sky bridges to hold more weight. Coupled with the “Platformer” ability, your sky bridges can then be connected to create giant sky highway-like structures.

So far it looks like the construction in Origins of Malu will be a lot of fun – much more akin to Minecraft than any MMOs that come to mind. Under our BigWorld Indie license, Origins of Malu looks to be a promising addition to the current MMO market.

Keep checking back for our Part 2 followup, discussing Material Collection and Placement & Customizing.


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