BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks 7.5 Update – Initial Details

from the Tanks desk

The first details regarding the upcoming 7.5 update for BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks have surfaced on’s official site.

The hottest additions include new top tier medium tanks and tank destroyers.

“The introduction of new Tier 10 medium tanks and tank destroyers opens up massive new possibilities and choices for players looking for heavy firepower and armor.”

And if you are a newer player, don’t fret, because Update 7.5 still has you covered.

“…we’re always committed to all of our players and the new lower-tier choices and maps will appeal to anyone looking for a fresh World of Tanks experience.”

So you’re not a newbie or an experienced vet? This update also will add features to those who fall in the expansive  middle-ground level grind.

“Update 7.5 will also give fans of lower-tiered tanks new options, including the Tier 5 French light tank ELC AMX, the Tier 8 German JagdPanther II tank destroyer and Tier 6 Dickermax premium tank destroyer, as well as the Tier 8 American T26E4 Super Pershing premium medium tank.”

From what we’re seeing, this update looks to have something for just about everyone in World of Tanks. And if you feel left out, just keep checking back to see us cover what else this update will have to offer.


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