Zeno Clash 2 Announced, BigWorld Ace Team Interview

from the indie developer desk

Our friends at Ace Team announced at E3 that they are now hard at work on Zeno Clash 2, a sequel to their cult-hit fps brawler.

The first Zeno Clash blended innovative melee fps game-play with inspired visuals and an inventive story. The game garnered great critical acclaim and has become a sleeper hit among its cult audience.

The original Zeno Clash will be tough to top, but judging from the E3 trailer, it looks like the story of father-mother will start right where it left off, and that the first Zeno Clash only scratched the surface on what their world has to offer.

We met up with Ace Team at GDC this year and discussed the Zeno Clash series, as well as their other games and indie game development in general. Check out our interview below.

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