BigWorld Asian Developer Interview Series: Userjoy Taiwan on the Games Industry

from the interview desk

In this video of our BigWorld Asian Developer Interview Series, we spoke with the Executive Producer at Userjoy Taiwan (English website) about the games industry.

Market targeting with their games and the rise of Free to Play is discussed in this video, with an emphasis on the difference between what Western and Eastern MMO players want.

With these differences in Western and Eastern MMO player needs, it is interesting to see how much of this is due to their respective cultures. From the art style decisions to how fast you level up, the developers factor in how and why these different cultures play MMOs.

Userjoy brings up how Eastern players don’t have as much time to play games, so they are looking for more of a fast-paced fix. With Western audiences however, they are more prone to spend many hours at a time gazing into an MMO world, exploring and adventuring at a much slower pace than an Eastern player would.

For the full video, click below.

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