BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu Playable at PAX Prime

from the chochobi desk

Developers of the BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu have teamed up with Alienware to bring us a playable demo of the game at this year’s PAX Prime.

The demo will be of a specific mini-game mode, entitled “Capture the Chochobi”.

Two teams will fight over the Chochobi in a head-to-head 20 minute battle. There will be exciting battleground action as only one Chochobi spawns at a time. Once you grab the Chochobi you must take it to your base and drop it off. Every time you drop off a Chochobi you receive a point.

While not a full preview of the game, it’s still a great way to give players a glimpse at features that will make their way into the final product.

In the mini-game you will be able to play as either a Toljon, Qulinta or a Jolah. You will have a chance to experience a number of skills and try out our active dodging systems and dyanmic power systems. Keep in mind, this is just a small preview of what we have planned in terms of abilities and talents in the game!

For those of you heading to PAX, you can play the demo at the Alienware booth. For those of you who cannot make it out to PAX, have no fear, as the games will be streamed online for your viewing pleasure!

The official press release on the matter can be seen here.


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