Gameplay Preview for BigWorld-Powered World of Warplanes

from the warplanes desk recently got their hands on a press account for BigWorld-Powered World of Warplanes, and were happy to share the experience.

Concerning the barrier of entry to the game, they brought up how simple and easy learning the controls are, but mastering flight can prove to be difficult. While it might have seemed daunting at first, once the reviewer got a hang of it the enjoyment came out naturally.

“There were several occasions where I found myself at the edge of my seat, gritting my teeth and trying to both outmaneuver and outplay the other pilots.”

A lot like popular online multi-player FPS games, there is a high level of skill that can be honed-in for hardcore players, while the core mechanics are still fun enough for casuals to enjoy.

The previewer brings up two methods of winning in the aerial battles – by destroying all enemy planes in the sky, or through racking up enough points from destroying enemy resources. The three classes of planes factor heavily into how you tactically want to win the battle.

“Bombers are designed to take out land targets; Fighters are geared towards taking down other planes; and Heavy Fighters are a mishmash of the other two classes. Each class has its ups and downs: Heavy Fighters are less maneuverable, but hit like freight trains, while Fighters tend to be more agile than any of the other craft.”

A well-balanced team of these classes all performing their duties would surely beat out a shoddy team of random classes trying to perform outside of their abilities.

An interesting bit is brought up in the article is the differences in tiers of aircraft.

“…the more high-class your plane is, the tougher it is to execute a sharp turn. As such, some of the best World of Warplanes players I went up against weren’t actually using Tier 10 craft (the highest tier), but they mopped the floor with me in Tier 6 and 7.”

Seeing as how a better plane doesn’t exactly mean a better score, this adds even more to the fact that World of Warplanes is shaping up to be a very skill-based online multiplayer game.

Success in the game will not be measured by the plane you are flying, but by the player who pilots it.

Read the full article here.


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