BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks Ural Steel Championship 2012 Coverage

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Following up our previous post on the BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks Ural Steel 2012 Championship results, MMOhut had a recent article about their coverage on the tournament.

“The 5,000-seat CSKA Sport Arena played host to the 15 top teams of tankers from Russia, the European Union, North America, China, and Japan, each competing for a $77,000 prize purse and a chance to win the coveted title of World of Tanks World Champions 2012.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing discussed is a quote from Wargaming on the future of their growing e-sports community.

“Wargaming is planning on putting more and more effort in establishing World of Tanks as a truly global cyber-sport discipline…The competition at the Ural Steel Championship 2012 only encourages us to continue to bring together professional gamers as well as work harder to expand our fan base among the eSports community.”

E-sports is quickly becoming one of the biggest components of modern online gaming, and Wargaming is smart to jump in as early as they could to start the community strong. While $77,000 might sound pretty big for a prize purse now, we wouldn’t be surprised if World of Tanks players were competing for double that in just a few years.

For MMOhut’s full coverage on the matter, click here.


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