Ural Steel Weekend Bonuses in BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks

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The World of Tanks Ural Steel 2012 Championships are being held this weekend, and even if you aren’t one of the four competing teams you can still get in on the action.

“We’re discounting and offering a credit boost to the tanks that appear immediately before their 8 successors, what we consider to be tournament tanks, in an effort to bring up the next generation of tankers to a competitive level!”

Lasting from September 14th to the 17th, the Ural Steel Weekend benefits are as follows:

  • 3x crew experience for all battles in all vehicles
  • 50% discount and 25% credit income bonus on the following vehicles: AMX M4(1945), T29, KV-3, and PzKpfw VI Tiger
  • Discount on Crew Barracks Enlargement: 50%
  • Discount on Garage Slots: 50%

Maybe this weekend will be a good time to start training for next year’s Ural Steel Championships?

For the release on the matter and official start/end time, check it out here.


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