BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu Preview

from the Malu desk just put up an extensive preview of the upcoming BigWorld Indie-Powered sandbox MMO Origins of Malu to build awareness for the under-the-radar game, similar to one we had done a while back.

“Origins of Malu is one of those games that has been moving along in development very quietly, slipping under the radar of many fans. After reading our exclusive preview of Origins of Malu, that will likely change in a big way.”

Detailed in the article are the exclusive features of the game, including its intuitive crafting system.

“The crafting in OoM is no joke. You’ll do everything from plant trees to build houses block by block.  You’ll place things in the open world like foundations, walls, and be able to build just about anything you like with the tools the devs give you…Everything, not just buildings, will be crafted and supplied by the players.  There will of course be NPC towns and things of that nature, but Burning Dog wants the players to guide the world once they hand it over to you at launch.” then goes into the intricate PVP systems of the game, detailing the complexities and depth that will come into play.

Included in the article is a quote from Burning Dog Media’s President Michael Dunham, summing up what the team hopes to accomplish with their independently-minded project.

“It’s going to take us a bit longer to get it going, because we’re doing it with like zero budget…but it’s because we want to prove that you don’t need 300 million dollars to make a fun game.”

It’s great to see this BigWorld Indie-Powered game getting more recognition around the web, as it is growing to be one of the most anticipated MMO releases around.

For’s full article, click here.


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