BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks Reaches 40 Million Registered Users

from the Tanks desk

As the popularity keeps growing and growing, BigWorld-Powdered World of Tanks is joining the pantheon of being one of the biggest MMOs ever created. A recent milestone that pushed this was the 40 million registered users mark that they just surpassed.

PC Gamer believes this recent push was due to the new 8.0 update that just came out.

“Players have been pouring into servers to check out the big 8.0 update, which overhauled WoT’s visuals and added proper physics. Tanks can now barge each other off cliffs, into rivers or into other tanks’ line of fire. It’s tank sumo out there right now.”

As far as World of Tanks’ surging popularity, well, it’s hard not to be excited.

“World of Tanks is one of the biggest free to play games in the world. It charmed the Russian market almost immediately when it first launch, but has spread successfully into Europe and China, and apparently can’t be stopped.”

First this BigWorld-Powered title made its way into the Guinness World Records (twice!), and now it’s reached 40 million registered users. What’s next for this promising franchise?


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