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New Event in BigWorld-Powered Realm of the Titans

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Titans desk

BigWorld-Powered Realm of the Titans recently started an exciting new event.

They are looking for a wave of eager players, with the special “Battle for Aeria” event going on.

Starting May 9th, players are invited to play and compete for “Ultimate Titan” status, as well as “amazing AP prizes.”

Getting started is as simple as downloading the client and creating an account.

The official announcement can be seen here.


BigWorld Technology E3 2011 Interview Series: Aeria Games

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the E3 desk

In the video interview below, Mike Geslani talks Aeria Games and BigWorld. Aeria is a free-to-play web-based games publisher who handles some BigWorld-powered titles. Most recently, they launched Battlefield Heroes, which has been anticipated here for a while (non-BigWorld-affiliated).

Mike talks BigWorld-powered Kingdom Heroes and Realm of the Titles, the free-to-play movement, and so forth.

Realm of the Titans closed beta key give-away

Saturday, July 30th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the titans dept.

Aeria Games and Games Radar have partnered up for a beta key give-away for BigWorld-powered Realm of the Titans.

The DotA-inspired title went into beta a couple days ago.

Go snatch up a key.

“You can choose to not care about RotT… or you can, like me, look forward to playing another MOBA that attempts to build on DotA, instead of retreading ground that’s already been covered. Right now, this is my most anticipated game of 2011.” – PC Gamer

“If you like DotA-inspired games, Realm of the Titans has given a very good show. It’s got a great variety of seemly well-balanced heroes … The Titans have a lot going for them in sheer volume and different abilities permitting a lot of range of play styles. The map is vast, pretty and well defined with points of interest … which should make strategizing something that well-oiled teams do as they roll over the enemy.” – GameOgre

“By combining familiar DotA and League of Legends gameplay elements, Titans looks to carve out a niche for MOBAs where players can have a hard-core DotA-like experience… with the customization experience found in LoL’s masteries and summoner spells.” – MMOHut


Realm of the Titans Beta Launch TODAY

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the doting desk

Aeria Games is today launching BigWorld-Powered Realm of the Titans into closed beta. This landmark caps the extensive design, development and alpha testing of this DotA-inspired, isometric, free-to-play action/strategy game.

Testing has thus far garnered positive feedback from the testing community and press, and the BigWorld team is proud to see the title mature so quickly.

Whet your appetite with this video and go sink your teeth in!

Realm of the Titans Developer Interview on

Monday, June 13th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the sanctuary dept.

Lukchin over at shared a short interview with Travis form Aeria Games, the western publisher of BigWorld-powered Realm of the Titans.

  1. What is your main goal for Realm of the Titans on release? Our main goal for Realm of the Titans is to build a strong community that plays our great game. With games like ROTT, a strong and dedicated community can determine whether or not they are successful. We already have a great start with very dedicated players from our Alpha Test that are eagerly waiting for the Beta launch of the game!
  2. What does ROTT offer to entice fans of the genre that are playing games like League of Legends? Realm of the Titans has a lot to offer players that other games do not. ROTT has two different 5v5 maps, our Titan Skill system that allows players to change skills throughout the match, dynamic control points on the map, new heroes with unique abilities, in-depth stats, daily leader board updates, and a lot more.
  3. What boundaries are you trying to push with ROTT? The MOBA genre is still relatively new and there are many directions that it can go in. We are hoping to push boundaries by experimenting with new gameplay mechanics, new types of game modes, and new hero abilities.

Realm of the Titans is an online free-to-play Strategy/Role-Playing game inspired by Defense of the Ancients. It’s currently in Alpha.RT_ss007

Kingdom Heroes: Xiaoshou Expansion ‘Round the Corner

Saturday, May 7th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the dynastic dept.

BigWorld-powered Kingdom Heroes has seen alot of growth since its release. The game, developed by one of our favorite partners, Userjoy, is most noted for its large, Dynasty Warriors-style battles within a persistent MMO space that follows Chinese history.

Soooo, it’s great to see the internal development they’ve been doing with BigWorld Technology to release their new Xiaoshou world expansion. New additions will include an increased level cap, new gear, and new boat and siege weapons (one of our favorite elements of the game).

And, for anyone who hasn’t watched yet, take a look at the trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Heroes 2, also powered by BigWorld Technology.

To provide some context to non-players, the video below demonstrates Kingdom Heroes, pre-expansion.

Realm of the Titans Movie Dubbing Contest

Friday, May 6th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the talkies dept.

Aeria games, who runs BigWorld-powered Realm of the Titans, has begun a machinima overdubbing contest.

It’s an interesting approach toward user-generated-content. Download the original video here, sign up at the forums here if you don’t already have an account, and submit.