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BigWorld Chinajoy 2012 Interviews: COG

Friday, September 7th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Chinajoy desk

In this installment to our Chinajoy 2012 interview series (previously with 9HGame and T2CN), we spoke with the product manager for Chinese game publisher COG.

Detailed in the interview is information regarding BigWorld-Powered States of War, a high-quality MMO that has made its rounds in China the past 2 years. While it is currently only available in China and Korea, COG has plans to launch it in other countries around the world.

Check the interview out below.

BigWorld Chinajoy 2012 Interviews: 9HGame

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Chinajoy desk

Continuing our Chinajoy 2012 interview series, this is a video interview with Guoqiang Sun (孙国强), the head of marketing and operations for They are the developers behind the BigWorld-Powered naval warfare MMO Navy Legend, the first online war game to ever appear in the Chinese market.

Discussed in the interview is the game Navy Legend itself, why they decided to use BigWorld Technology, some interesting thoughts on the Chinajoy expo, and even World of Tanks.

Check it out below.


Thursday, April 7th, 2011, posted by Matt


2011年4月6日,江苏苏州- 本周末BigWorld研发团队将在苏州举行的BigWorld开发者会议上与中国游戏开发者、记者及发行商进行技术交流与演示 。
此次会议将维持2天,届时将有12场演讲展示包括服务器优化、光照、客户端自定义、用户界面等在内的全方面的BigWorld技术。这支团队也会利用这个机会与中国的研发团体对话交流以了解当前使 用BigWorld引擎所开发的20多款高质量产品的

在中国,BigWorld长期以来已成为大型多人在线网络游戏开发的中间件技术解决方案的代表。已有近20 多家中国组织报名参加这次会议,其中包括BigWorld授权公司网易、搜狐、空中网以及多家诸如Umbra 等的平台合作商


BigWorld为大型多人在线游戏 (MMOG) 与虚拟世界开发商提供成熟的中间件平台,这一中间件平台正迅速成为行业标准。

BigWorld MMO Technology Suite是一套完整的技术解决方案,这一方案无缝集成了专为快速高效开发MMOG而设计的高性能服务器应用软件、工具集、高级3D客户端和应用编程接口 (APIs)。我们使游戏开发项目避免了未知、昂贵和耗时的软件研发风险,从而使授权客户能够专注于游戏制作这一核心事务。



Matt Daly
BigWorld Technology Pty Ltd


BigWorld Developers Conference, Suzhou

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011, posted by Matt


Suzhou, Jiangsu, 4/6/11 – This weekend in Suzhou, the BigWorld development team will be interacting with and presenting to Chinese developers, journalists and publishers for the BigWorld Developers Conference.

The conference will span two days and over 12 presentations covering all aspects of BigWorld Technology, including server optimization, lighting, client modification, user acquisition and so forth. The team will also be taking this opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the Chinese development community, in order to better understand what is being done with BigWorld Technology, and what can be done to improve the offering and add to the host of over twenty high-quality products that have been built on it.

BigWorld has long held a strong presence as the leading MMO and online games middleware technology solution in China. Over 20 Chinese organizations have enrolled, including current BigWorld licensees such as Netease, Sohu, Konzhong, and platform partners such as Umbra.

About BigWorld Pty Ltd

BigWorld provides a mature middleware platform for developers of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) and Virtual Worlds that is fast becoming the industry standard.

The BigWorld MMO Technology Suite is a complete technology solution, consisting of a tightly integrated suite of high performance server applications, tools, advanced 3D client and APIs designed specifically for the fast and efficient creation of MMOGs. We give you the power to focus tightly on your core business of game production, rather than risking your project on uncertain, expensive and time-consuming research & speculative software development.

BigWorld’s unrivalled MMO Technology provides licensees a massive competitive advantage over “DIY” developers by significantly reducing risk, cost and time to market.

For additional information, Contact:

Matt Daly
BigWorld Pty Ltd.


‘Kingdom heroes 2 OL’ goes into OB from May 10 三国群英传2OL将从5月10日开始公测

Monday, April 26th, 2010, posted by leig

Quick comment: ‘Kingdom heroes 2 OL’ goes into OB from May 10

十二年经典传承,新3D巅峰巨作,中国首款开放式战争网游《三国群英传2 Online》于2010年4月25日24:00圆满完成中国大陆地区盛世内测。4月26日《三国群英传2 Online》将开启全新旅程开放不删档测试游戏大区激活和客户端下载,迎接从5月10日开始的中国大陆地区大规模不删档测试。

Sohu Changyou confirms multi-license deal with BigWorld

Friday, October 23rd, 2009, posted by skg

from the All roads lead to Beijing dept.

Demonstrating depth of field, advanced lighting and rich textures

Demonstrating depth of field, advanced lighting and rich textures

NASDAQ listed Sohu company, Changyou, today announced their multi-license technology deal with BigWorld for the development of multiple online game titles :

Xiaojian Hong, CTO of Changyou asserted that Changyou has the best game development team in China and always strives to make the best online games. He said that “The BigWorld engine is the best MMOG solution worldwide and has success stories in China. Changyou has licensed BigWorld without hesitation. I believe that we will leverage the BigWorld engine in our upcoming 3D products to make them mature and perfect. Changyou will continue to strive to produce many higher quality MMOG titles for end-users.”

Full release over the wire and now also here.

3D《鬼吹灯》10月19日开启封测 3D Guichuideng goes into Closed Beta on 19th Oct.

Monday, October 12th, 2009, posted by leig

1Quick Comment: BigWorld engine powered 3D MMORPG Guichuideng goes into closed beta this month after 2 years long development by Shanghai Youqu.


全3D画面 顶尖引擎制作

《鬼吹灯》Online,采用国际顶尖的“Big World”引擎,历时2年,倾力打造,全3D画面精美流畅。作为中国境内授权数量最多、应用上最为成功的网络游戏引擎,BigWorld引擎在本届ChinaJoy上展现了其强大的应用能力。而游戏中精心录制了数十首背景音乐,风格迥异,委婉动听,有的雄浑深厚,有的悠扬婉转,根据所处场景的切换贴合画面氛围播放,令探险过程中始终体验到余音绕梁的境界。

纯中国风 古代现代完美结合


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