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Internet Chatter:’s Revenues

Monday, March 26th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the success desk

This past week’s revelation that is earning double-digit millions monthly on World of Tanks has created a firestorm of commentary all over the interwebs.

The company has come quite far since we first partnered with BigWorld on World of Tanks over four years ago. BigWorld is proud to play a role in’s continued success. Here’s what everyone is saying… As the game has grown to reach over 20 million registered users, developer has scaled with it – 18 months ago the business consisted of 120 employees primarily based in Minsk. Today it is approaching 800 staff around the globe.

MMORPG.COM: Further, is considering South American and Middle Eastern releases as well. “If you count the last year and a half, we might be the fastest growing company ever, headcount wise and revenue wise,” said Kislyi, and that, “We probably have one of the highest payment ratios in the industry, it’s around 25-30 per cent, because people love the game.”

Beefjack: With a devoted, and rapidly expanding user base behind them, reporting close to half a million concurrent active users in Russia and Europe combined, with Chinese users (managed by KongZhong) standing at around 150,000.

Gamasutra: As for its staff, the London-headquartered company has 400 people working on World of Tanks alone — compared to the 120 it had 18 months ago — across its development studios in Minsk, Belarus and Kiev, Ukraine.

Games Brief: Victor Kisyli, CEO of estimates that MAUs = 10x peak concurrency. (I treat these numbers with a very big pinch of salt, meaning that I don’t believe that they are verified).

Strategy Informer: “For casual gameplay which most players do most of the time, people don’t usually use gold or expendables. Of course if you want to win a tournament, if you’re competitive, if you play clan wars, if you want to be at the top, we think it’s appropriate to expect a little bit of money from you because you already spent hundreds of hours in our game and that’s much more than the value of any $50 box.”