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BigWorld Technology Nominated for Developer Awards: Best Engine Category

Thursday, May 31st, 2012, posted by Kris

from the awards season desk

Every July, the Developer Industry Excellence Awards honors excellence and innovation in the gaming industry.

They recently released all of the categories and nominees for this year’s awards.

BigWorld Client has been nominated in the “Best Engine” category. Other nominees include Crytek’s CryEngine, Unity 3.5,  and Unreal Engine, among others.

Not only was our client nominated, but the BigWorld-Powered MMO World of Tanks has been put up for the “Best Use of Online” award. Not bad for a game that just celebrated its one-year anniversary.

The entire list of nominees can be seen here.

The U.S. will now destroy all of your tanks!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011, posted by Mike

from the shock and awe dept. has released patch 0.6.5 for its flagship game, World of Tanks.

Among the big changes is an entire U.S. Tank Destroyer line from tiers 1 through 9, two new maps and the introduction of the top-tier M46 Patton main battle tank.

BigWorld Developers Conference: Updates From the Field

Saturday, April 9th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the ignition dept.

The BigWorld Developers Conference in Suzhou is rolling.

We’ve sold out the hotel, and are loving the opportunity to engage with more of our clients and interested parties.

Check out some of photos of the event thus far here.

BigWorld Developers Conference: Suzhou from BigWorld Tech on Vimeo.

World of Tanks Unveils “La Gargantua”

Friday, April 1st, 2011, posted by Matt

from the hyperbole dept.

The BigWorld-powered World of Tanks MMO has been receiving quite a bit of press attention recently, but this one surprised even us.

Behold the latest development in a long string of awesome emanating from Wargaming Studios in Minsk: La Gargantua.

The massive “treaded fortress” apparently sports a long-range impulse rail turret, mine-laying capabilities, and a host of other yet-to-be-revealed functions.

This news has the BigWorld team questioning a number of its assumptions about reality, but also whether or not this signals a new change in the theme of the until-now period-based tank warfare game. Should we be expecting even more futuristic tech appearing from vortices across the WoT world? Steampunk, anyone?…. anyone?…. Bueller?

Still, rumors suggest that this may be the work of an independent faction or individual using the BigWorld Indie development license.

At the very least, the WoT player community can’t complain any longer about Russian tanks being overpowered. This unprovenonced beast now takes the cake… and basically anything else it wants to take….


La Gargantua

World of Tanks invades EU and North America April 12

Friday, March 18th, 2011, posted by Mike

from the D-Day dept. just announced an April 12 release date for it’s hit title World of Tanks.

“Our team has been working really hard to create a unique blend of action, strategy, simulation and RPG elements in World of Tanks, and now the moment all fans across the globe have been waiting for is right around the corner”, said Victor Kislyi, CEO of “We are delighted to be finally announcing the release date for this ground-breaking title and invite all veteran players and those new to the game to enjoy tense and uncompromising armored warfare on World of Tanks battlegrounds”.

You can sign up now for the North American open beta here, or the European open beta here.


World of Tanks sets Guinness World Record!

Friday, February 25th, 2011, posted by Mike

from the bigger, faster, stronger dept. recently announced that it has set the new World Record for Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server. Guinness stated that the World of Tanks Russian server broke the previous record on January 23, 2011 with 91,311 players.

Victor Kisliy, Wargaming’s CEO says that since that date, World of Tanks has set new records in excess of 120,000 concurrent players.

To get in on this runaway success, you can join the EU or North American open betas and break some records yourself!

World of Tanks Open Beta Launch Trailer

Friday, January 28th, 2011, posted by Mike

from the million-man march dept. just released a new trailer to celebrate the launch of World of Tank’s Open Beta!