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British Tanks Incoming in BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks

Friday, October 5th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Tanks desk

With Update 8.0 just under their belts, is already starting to release some big information regarding the 8.1 update for BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks. had an exclusive article on the matter.

“Wargaming today announced that the highly anticipated line of British steel machines will invade World of Tanks with the upcoming Update 8.1. Tankmen will get their chance to follow the history of the British tank building mastering 22 iconic steel fortresses…”

World of Tanks Producer Mike Zhivets had this to say on the update.

“The Brits invented the first tank, pioneering the evolution of the whole industry, and it’s an honor for us to greet them in World of Tanks. They are so close, you can hear their tracks rolling! Their looks are as daunting as their guns, and I’m sure the Brits will make great competitors to other nations in World of Tanks.”

This new inclusion of British tanks is an exciting addition to World of Tanks, and should be the first wave of many to come.

For’s article discussing this, click here.


BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu PAX Coverage

Friday, September 14th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Malutossi desk

Massively recently put up an article about their experience they had with BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu at PAX this year.

“PAX Prime is gone and passed, but our coverage isn’t done quite yet. As it happens, we’ve saved one of the best for last. Burning Dog Media’s upcoming MMO, Origins of Malu…”

Even though the game is currently in its alpha stage of development, Massively had good things to say about the direction it is headed.

“Even at these early stages…the game’s stylish art direction stood out, as did the unique playable characters.”

Malu was also praised for its use of collision detection during combat, which has been made through their use of our BigWorld Technology.

“Easily the most interesting and exciting feature of the game’s combat is spell collision detection. If someone fires a spell your way and you dive behind a wall at the last second, the spell will explode harmlessly against the barrier…The game also includes active dodging for when you really need to get the hell out of Dodge.”

While it wasn’t a part of the playable demo, Massively also shared Burning Dog Media’s plans with their player-driven world.

“In addition to the usual achievements that players have come to expect, the game will feature a number of “hidden” achievements that, when accomplished, will set in motion a behind-the-scenes recording of what could end up being a series of epic events.”

The developers also teased at some upcoming information about the game.

“…we may not have to wait very long to hear more about this promising title because the devs promised me that a big information push would be coming soon.”

Massively’s positive takeaway from their short stint with BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu is some of the first reactions the game has had from an outside audience, and this is just in the alpha stage. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this BigWorld Indie-Powered title.

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