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New Look and Feel for BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks

Monday, October 1st, 2012, posted by Kris

from the tanks desk

With the 8.0 update for BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks officially released, there is now a plethora of gaming news outlets giving their thoughts on the matter. wrote an article about the new look and feel of the game.

“Along with the improvement, Update 8.0 adds a newly optimized user interface, enhanced rendering system for more lifelike and realistic visuals, as well as adaptive camouflage and new mini-map functions.”

This new feel is being well received by World of Tanks players as well as gaming websites, mostly commenting on the heightened realism and immersion that the game now gives.

Read the entire article from Gamershell here, and our post on the 8.0 update here.


BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu PAX Coverage

Friday, September 14th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Malutossi desk

Massively recently put up an article about their experience they had with BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu at PAX this year.

“PAX Prime is gone and passed, but our coverage isn’t done quite yet. As it happens, we’ve saved one of the best for last. Burning Dog Media’s upcoming MMO, Origins of Malu…”

Even though the game is currently in its alpha stage of development, Massively had good things to say about the direction it is headed.

“Even at these early stages…the game’s stylish art direction stood out, as did the unique playable characters.”

Malu was also praised for its use of collision detection during combat, which has been made through their use of our BigWorld Technology.

“Easily the most interesting and exciting feature of the game’s combat is spell collision detection. If someone fires a spell your way and you dive behind a wall at the last second, the spell will explode harmlessly against the barrier…The game also includes active dodging for when you really need to get the hell out of Dodge.”

While it wasn’t a part of the playable demo, Massively also shared Burning Dog Media’s plans with their player-driven world.

“In addition to the usual achievements that players have come to expect, the game will feature a number of “hidden” achievements that, when accomplished, will set in motion a behind-the-scenes recording of what could end up being a series of epic events.”

The developers also teased at some upcoming information about the game.

“…we may not have to wait very long to hear more about this promising title because the devs promised me that a big information push would be coming soon.”

Massively’s positive takeaway from their short stint with BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu is some of the first reactions the game has had from an outside audience, and this is just in the alpha stage. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this BigWorld Indie-Powered title.

For Massively’s entire article, click here.


Ural Steel Weekend Bonuses in BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks

Thursday, September 13th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the tanks desk

The World of Tanks Ural Steel 2012 Championships are being held this weekend, and even if you aren’t one of the four competing teams you can still get in on the action.

“We’re discounting and offering a credit boost to the tanks that appear immediately before their 8 successors, what we consider to be tournament tanks, in an effort to bring up the next generation of tankers to a competitive level!”

Lasting from September 14th to the 17th, the Ural Steel Weekend benefits are as follows:

  • 3x crew experience for all battles in all vehicles
  • 50% discount and 25% credit income bonus on the following vehicles: AMX M4(1945), T29, KV-3, and PzKpfw VI Tiger
  • Discount on Crew Barracks Enlargement: 50%
  • Discount on Garage Slots: 50%

Maybe this weekend will be a good time to start training for next year’s Ural Steel Championships?

For the release on the matter and official start/end time, check it out here.


BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu PAX 2012 Images

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the malu desk

Following up on our preview posts about BigWorld Indie-Powered Origins of Malu making its way to PAX this year, we now have some images of their booth from the event.

Previously covered in this post, the Malu team had a mini-game of sorts, “Capture the Chochobi”, running on Alienware PCs for the PAX crowd to get their hands on.

Below are some pictures of the game in action at their booth – be sure to click them for a much larger image!




BigWorld-Powered World of Battleships Changes Name to World of Warships

Monday, August 6th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the warship desk has officially changed the name of their upcoming BigWorld-Powered naval MMO from World of Battleships to World of Warships.

This name change is welcomed with a new website for the game under it’s new handle –

The change makes the game fit more seamlessly into their “World of War” trilogy, which also includes World of Tanks and World of Warships.

“The MMO war series—World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships—will soon unite to create the ultimate gaming universe gathering millions of players into a single community of war gamers. Common economics will allow the transfer of resources between all three games. A single global map will gather tankmen, pilots and mariners under a common tussle for world domination.”

Still no word on if a name change of World of Tanks to World of Wartanks is in order…


Aeria’s Unified Game System Released

Thursday, July 5th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the game platform desk

Aeria Games, the publisher behind BigWorld-Powered Realm of the Titans and Kingdom Heroes Online, just released their new Aeria Ignite game platform.

Ignite allows you to launch all of your Aeria games from one location under a single Aeria Games account, as well as download new games and play browser-based titles. This platform not only streamlines your gaming accessibility, but also adds in plenty of social features. Like Valve’s Steam, you can view what games your friends are playing, as well as message them through the integrated chat system.

Here’s all of the features that accompany the Aeria Ignite platform.

Launch all of your games
Play Browser games
Download new games
Message Friends
See full conversations
Check out what games your friends have been playing
Get news tailored for your games
Get content exclusive to Ignite users
  • Launch all of your games
  • Play Browser games
  • Download new games
  • Message Friends
  • See full conversations
  • Check out what games your friends have been playing
  • Get news tailored for your games
  • Get content exclusive to Ignite users

If you’re getting a case of deja vu while reading this, it might be because just announced a similar platform at this year’s E3 (video). Like Ignite, it will allow you to keep all of’s BigWorld-Powered titles under the same account and launch them from a central location. Our extensive blog post on the announcement can be seen here.

Around the time of this announcement there was some discussion in the World of Tanks and Warplanes forums about how if this “Universal Game Platform” will become a standard among MMO developers. Considering these two leading MMO companies are backing this kind of unified game system for their titles, there is a pretty big chance that this will become common practice in the industry.’s Universal Game Platform has not yet been released, but Aeria’s Ignite is up and ready for you to try out. Just download it here and play some Realm of the Titans!


World of Tanks 7.4 Update Video

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, posted by Kris

from the Tanks desk

A video for the anticipated 7.4 update to BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks has finally arrived.

Just a few weeks ago we did a two-part blog series discussing the content coming with this patch, looking at the two new game modes (part 1) and tanks and maps (part 2) that will be coming with this update.

Now, we have a video to show us how these updates will look in-game.