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UBM Interviews Gavin

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the sagacious sagacity dept.

headshot_gavPaul Hyman over at UBM TechWeb recently interviewed Gavin Longhurst, BigWorld’s VP of Business Development.

They discuss the new production considerations for casual games. as well as game development in China, and BigWorld’s place in all of that.

Have a read.

Ultimately, getting people into your game, engaged, and paying for the experience is what it’s all about. The key to adoption is a mitigation of entry barriers like copious clicks, security/system mods, reboots, and huge downloads. Many players download a game but abort the download costing the publisher bandwidth money. Some users will finish a download, but won’t install the game. This might be attributed to install complexity, security, or “onerous” registration requirements. The onus is on the developer to lessen entry barriers; the success of their game depends on it.

BigWorld Developers Conference, Suzhou: Debrief

Monday, April 11th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the multi-faceted dept.

With over 10 presentations and roundtables, as well as 20+ development and partner studios (Scaleform, Umbra, etc.) in attendance from around China, BDC: Suzhou was a definitive success. Keep an ear to the ground for the next BigWorld Developers Conference within the next few months.

Thanks to all who came out and shared their weekend with us!

More photos/video of the event here.