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World of Warplanes Interview: 2012 Release Date

Friday, January 6th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the warplanes desk has released its interview with Alexander Zezulin, lead designer on’s upcoming BigWorld-powered World of Tanks follow-up: World of Warplanes. The Interview is in Italian, but Google Chrome does a good auto-translation job, overall, in the event that you don’t read Italian.

How would you define World of Warplanes compared to other games?

World of Warplanes, unlike WoT, is a game with full-scale three dimensionality battle space where every plane is in constant movement, the rate of fire is tremendous and the situation on the battlefield changes so quick (especially true for jets) that it’s getting highly tricky to act timely. Moreover, there are no houses, trees and hills to hide and sneak at the enemy, so have nothing left but to act your fastest and skillfully perform various maneuvers if you’d like to survive. In World of Warplanes landscape and weather will become your enemy unless you manage to turn them to your account.

How far will you push the simulation part of the game, especially the physics department?

In World of Warplanes we are trying to reasonably combine accessible controls with historically accurate World War II machines. A decent balance between these two elements will allow us develop a thrilling title for a wider audience.

Have you got an approximate release schedule (or even a date)?

There’s one thing you can be dead certain about: we’ll release it in 2012. As for more firm dates, it’s too early to speak about them.

Warplanes Will Not Be Falling on World of Tanks Battlefields

Friday, September 9th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the warplanes desk

A short MMO Crunch interview with World of Warplanes producer Anton Sitnikau reveals a few details about the upcoming BigWorld-powered game…

…You will not be able kill the pilot by shooting at the cockpit; however there’ll be a chance to knock him out of action for some period of time that will drastically effect the control characteristics of the plane…

…Most likely, there’ll be a landing runway somewhere on the map for those players who realize that due to the damage they have taken they can no longer be of any help to their team in battle and do not want to spend their time flying meaninglessly or just crash and pay for repairs…

…Destroyed planes will not fall down on World of Tanks battlefields. Although that would be very cool…

Read the full interview.